4 Things to Do When Your Daughter Gets Rejected by Her First-Choice College

For weeks, your daughter has anxiously checked her account on College X’s portal. She refreshes her email several times each day and even treks out to the snail mailbox to see if her fate has been delivered there. She is hoping for an acceptance to her first-choice college, one that was chosen carefully after an exhausting college search. The letter arrives. She was rejected. Now what?

5 Types of College Application Deadlines

Colleges utilize five types of application deadlines. As students plan for college, an understanding of how each type can affect their admissions chances as well as how a deadline at one college can limit the deadline choice at another college should be a key part of planning the admissions process. The deadline types and the […]

Why Are Colleges Restricting Access To High-Paying Majors?

The financial return to college is not the same for everyone. Students who major in certain fields—especially engineering, computer science, finance, economics, and nursing—dramatically increase the chance that they will earn back the cost of their education. Economic returns for other majors aren’t nearly as strong, and many students who choose low-paying majors are worse off […]

AP vs. DE. Which Should You Choose?

Advanced Placement vs. Dual Enrollment. A constant conversation and one with many considerations. As students progress through high school, course offerings typically increase, giving students a wide variety of options. These are often listed in your high school’s course catalog, and it’s helpful to consider all of your options before committing to courses.

How To Choose High School Courses

According to the most recent addition of State of College Admissions, 62.1% of colleges view high school curriculum with “considerable importance.” Only 7.3% say the strength of the curriculum is of “no importance.” Other top spots include grades in college prep courses and grades in all courses. So why does curriculum matter? While you may […]

How to Choose the Best High School Courses for Competitive College Admissions

Learn what weighted GPA means to college admissions—it’s different than you think. If you’re an ambitious high school student, you probably already have your high school transcript stacked with AP, Honors, and advanced level coursework. After all, most colleges consider the rigor of your high school course load a top criterion in the selection process […]

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