The Basics of Financial Aid & Athletic Scholarships

I get asked quite a bit, regarding financial aid and what can be done to get a “full ride.” First, I start off by saying, that I’m glad you are invested in your child’s future, but let’s go over some basics. The most important way to create an opportunity for your student-athlete (focus on the word student) is to have made their grades the priority. Making sure that the student’s classroom business is handled is the main key to success in obtaining an athletic scholarship.

Finding Scholarships on College Websites

While there are hundreds of thousands of scholarship opportunities on the internet, the most reliable, impactful, and realistic opportunities often come from the colleges themselves. This post is going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to locate institutional scholarships on a school’s website.

How Covid Protocols Changed the Face of the Classroom Experience

Teachers had to make rapid adjustments in order to accommodate virtual teaching. This meant learning all new systems, like Google Classroom, new tools and apps to assign classwork, and new ways to connect with students. These changes did not just disappear starting the new year and many may stick around for a while or they may never change back.

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