College Planning Tip – Financial Aid Appeals

My kid got accepted to his top choice college, but we didn’t get aid. Can we ask for more money? It’s a common question. The short answer is YES, you can always ask the school for more aid.Of course, there’s no guarantee that they will give you more. There’s definitely a strategy and timing involved to have the best chance of getting more money. Financial aid appeals generally fall into categories: Changes in financial circumstances, like job loss, divorce, etc.  “Just because” where there are no changes in circumstances, but just want more money. The first category is generally much easier than the 2nd category. To have the best odds of winning that 2nd category, there’s major question your student must answer. Nancy and I discuss the process and tips on financial aid appeals in this week’s Tip.

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Jack and Nancy both have many years of experience helping students with their college search and how to pay for it. Jack Wang provides financial aid expertise through his firm Smart College Buyer. Nancy Steenson provides college search consulting to students & families through Steenson College Coaching.

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