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Common App: Test scores submitted by just 43% of applicants in 2021/22 cycle

Down from 77% in 2018/19; 73% in 2019/20

89% of colleges using the Common Application did not require SAT/ACT test score submissions in 2021/22, up sharply from roughly 1/3 pre-COVID.

57% of college applicants in 2021/22 did not report any SAT or ACT scores in any of their applications.

Who uses the Common Application? Over 900 colleges out of a universe of about 3,500 undergrad institutions. Those 900 includes many major 4-year colleges, from Florida State to NYU to the University of Arizona. (The public university system in California does not use the Common Application.) So the schools represent a broad cross-section of US higher education. The 44% is representative of US higher education for Bachelor’s degrees.

Changes in institutional policies certainly influenced this trend, but major changes in when students reported taking their standardized tests this season also occurred. Test taking by high school juniors dropped sharply.

Read the full Common Application report here.

And visit the Common Application site here for more information.

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