Andrea Schiralli is the co-founder of Ivy & Quill, a writing and editing service provider that collaborates with IECs and consulting agencies nationwide as a B2B consultant. By outsourcing the time-consuming writing component of the application process, full-service providers can significantly increase their client volume to focus on all other aspects of the application process.

Ivy & Quill is entrusted to perform services ranging from a one-time language and stylistic makeover; commenting on essay content before doing language/style edits; coaching students on the entire essay-writing process, from brainstorming to reaching the final version of their admission essays. Turnaround time for all commenting and editing services is three business days.Through small writing workshops, Ivy & Quill also instructs students on how to conquer the Personal Statement.

Andrea holds a B.A. in French Literature from Cornell and an M.Ed. from Harvard. Before entering the field of admissions consulting, she taught test prep, creative writing, and literary analysis courses at private/charter schools. She has also written SAT/GRE books, created an SAT vocabulary app, and edited bestselling non-fiction books.

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