Students often choose to study in the liberal arts because they don’t want to limit their intellectual pursuits nor pick the major to prepare them for a specific career. Other students, with strong career focus, decide a major early. Research indicates that today’s students may have ten jobs before age 35 and four career shifts over their lifetimes. Roughly 80% of college grads don’t work in the field they studied. What all students need are the strategies to explore options, skills to seek experiences, and confidence to launch themselves into a world that is changing faster than ever. 

I’ve led career programs at Bowdoin, Davidson, Carleton, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Rochester and guided thousands of students. By partnering with me, you will identify the skills and interests for ongoing career exploration and learn to build a resume of experience that removes the career and financial issues that seem so prevalent for many underprepared graduates. Your student will learn to reflect and recalibrate as they, and the world around them, change. We’ll create a four-year action plan, tapping into their campus’ resources, with goals and checkpoints to keep the exploration active during the semester and breaks.  Your student will know that I will help them tackle any obstacle blocking them from moving confidently in a direction that “fits” who they are through and beyond college. 

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