From tackling grammar issues in essays to putting together a college list you really love, my job is to guide you through this admissions process in a way that doesn’t make you crazy. Every spring, when my seniors are accepted into colleges, and they text me with excited emojis, my heart fills. It’s honestly an honor to get to help families through this.

I have been working as a college counselor since 2011 and I have helped over 400 students through this process. Students who are engaged in this process and take ownership over it are the most successful in this program. 

I am a certified Collegewise Master Counselor, President of the Western Association of College Admission Counseling and a member of the National Associations for College Admission Counseling.  After winning a collegiate national championship in Mock Trial while attending Miami University of Ohio (which is sometimes referred to as “Not the University in Florida”), I graduated with a degree in creative writing, completed UC San Diego’s college counseling certification program, and went to work as a recruiter for ,y alma mater, that same school in Ohio.

In addition to running my own office in South Orange County and working with students via Zoom in several other areas, I am a quilter, a mom to two very loud and fluffy corgis, and an avid equestrian. If you ever need advice on how to get dog hair off of furniture or what saddle best fits a short and (somewhat) pudgy horse, I can give you that advice for free.

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