Hi, I’m Danny of Game Theory where I work with Karen. We help families get 4 years of college for the price of 2, sometimes even less, using modern solutions without the insomnia and frustration.

We have dedicated over 10 years of our lives solving the college problem, with helping thousands of families and counting.

If you want to use more of the college’s money and use less of yours to finance your student’s education, you are at the right place.  

If you are thinking that maybe your student isn’t gifted enough to get tens of thousands of dollars in gift aid, don’t worry.  

If you suspect that colleges are more like businesses than they are educational institutions, you are on the right track.  

Unfortunately, many families are overcome with all of the noise that has littered the college prep industry. The truth is that families can win at the college game by using modern, data-driven solutions and following the right steps in the right order.

We have dedicated our lives to solving this problem.

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