What is the largest source of aid for college?

Excluding loans, it’s not the Federal government. Most money for college comes from the schools themselves. It’s their money and their rules.

What I do: I help families WIN the game of maximizing aid by addressing the 2 key issues for families:

– How to lower the cost of college

– How to pay the cost efficiently

This is about the nuts and bolts of aid formulas, how it impacts college search, and tax and financial strategies to position you and your student to get the most aid.

Who I work with: Families with students as early as 8th grade throughout the US who want to pay for college without having to live under a bridge in retirement. A particular specialty is working with self-employed, or small business owners, who have even more planning strategies for college.

Let’s Visit!  Use the following link to schedule a time: Doodle.

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