Julie is known for her calm and thorough care of students, as well as her appreciation of data and love of writing. She now draws on her admissions experience to demystify the college search and application process for students and families. She believes deeply in the transformative power of education and, in her work, strives to recognize both the people students are now, and the people they hope to become.

Julie’s credentials include a JD (DePaul University College of Law), BA (American Studies, Northwestern University), a Certificate, Independent Educational Consulting, (University of California – Irvine) and a CEP (Certified Educational Planner).  Her professional experience includes serving as Assistant Dean of Admissions, William Mitchell College of Law.  She was also formerly Co-Director of the Northwestern Alumni Admissions Council, Twin Cities Region, Mentor at College Possible, and Application Reader and Applicant Interviewer, Macalester College.

Julie lives in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. In high school, Julie was voted most theatrical by her graduating class which surprises most people, even those who know her well.

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