Based in Chicago, Kathy Kelleher has a true knack for the college planning process. After single-handedly directing the college application process of her four kids, all of whom were admitted to top colleges around the country, Kathy became a trusted resource for college admissions information within the community, particularly at soccer games, dance competitions, tennis matches, women’s groups and carpool lines.

Combining her marketing and research skills from a background in advertising with years of experience on a selective-enrollment high school board, Kathy entered the educational planning space. Being a first-generation college student herself, this career shift has allowed Kathy to help others, just as others helped her with her own college process years ago.

Kathy has a unique way of connecting with high school students, particularly those students with different learning styles. She relates easily to teenagers and has a disarming, positive approach. Her strategic approach to zeroing-in on the colleges that are right for each individual student’s needs and their long-term career plans make her a true asset to the college planning process. Both parents and students appreciate Kathy’s skill at bringing out the best in her students and bringing their uniqueness to the application process, and her ability to keep everyone on task.

Kathy graduated cum laude from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in Psychology. She received her Certificate in College Counseling through the UC Irvine Independent Educational Consultant Program and a certificate of completion from the UC Irvine Summer Institute. Kathy is an Associate Member of IECA.

In her free time, you can find Kathy on the tennis courts playing a fierce game of doubles, at the gym, cooking or hanging out with her family, friends and dogs, Tiago and CJ.

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