Over twenty years ago, I attended Princeton University despite the teachers at my public high school who didn’t think that it was good idea for me to even apply. From the time I graduated in 1997 until now, I’ve been essentially searching for myself in schools, organizations, and cities across the country.

Learning from Dean Fred Hargadon at Princeton, helping students apply to college through the Federal Talent Search, placing talented students across the country through A Better Chance, and working as a nationally respected SAT tutor for more than 15 years have come together to give me a unique perspective on the college application process. After counseling more than 5,000 families from various walks of life, I am uniquely able to help students create an application that represents a cohesive whole, with test scores, essays, school choice and more telling one impactful story.

Two generations ago, my grandfather swept the floor of the bookstore at William & Mary.  Today, I have the privilege of sending students there to study, standing on his giant shoulders. 

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