I’m Dr. Leslie Tucker and I’m passionate about all things related to college planning and higher education. 

Why did I become a college planning consultant? 

I’ve been involved in higher education for most of my life. I spent many years as a student, and even longer as a professional in higher ed.

After beginning my college journey by earning a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I continued on to earn both a Master’s in Higher Education Administration and a Ph.D. in Post-Secondary Education.

I was happy as a university academic advisor, program advisor and student success and retention coordinator, but I worried about the new students coming into orientation. More and more students arrived without a plan. Students chose majors they were not academically prepared for and their transcript suffered because of it. Too many students were in the wrong major—no congruency between their aptitudes, interests and major choice. Again, their transcript and sense of direction suffered. With the transfer rate at upwards of 40%, it can also be assumed that too many students chose the wrong college.

Without a plan or sense of direction, these same college students quickly became anxious and stressed. Many dropped out, transferred out, or failed out—all because they didn’t properly plan for college.

I became a college planning consultant because I knew I could help students prepare to succeed in college; graduate in 4 (not 6) years, earn a degree in a major they love, have a fantastic experience, and leave with as little debt as possible.  

What are my focus or ‘specialty areas’ as a college planning consultant? 

I love helping students discover their strengths and passions. Together, we journey through a process of self-discovery, empowerment, and personal growth. The goal is to discover exactly what types of colleges, majors, and careers will be the most fulfilling for each student. 

Considering the pursuit of an associate degree while in high school with the plan to move into a bachelor’s degree at another university? My specialty. Before going in with both feet, you will want to consider transfer equivalencies, pre-requisite coursework and the transfer process in its totality.

I also have extensive experience working in nursing program admissions and program advising. 

While I call Florida my beloved home, I work with students from all over the country via Zoom—so location won’t be an obstacle.  Besides being an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), I’m also trained as a Life and Career Coach through the Institute for Life Coach Training.  I’ve toured hundreds of colleges, networked with admissions reps from across the country, and edited every type of college essay you can imagine.  I also speak at national conferences about student success and college retention—which in turn empowers my college planning work.

If you’re ready to meet and see if we’re the right fit, go ahead and book your initial consultation today! 

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