The co-Founder of Virtual College Counselors, Sawyer provides stress-free, personalized, and professional one-on-one college guidance around the globe from the comfort of a student’s own home. Utilizing college counseling, college admissions, international recruitment, and licensed professional counseling experience, Sawyer creates individualized growth plans for each student emphasizing six major Growth Goals:

Fostering Independence & Cultivating a Sense of Agency

Aligning Personal Values with Academic & Professional Goals

Promoting Critical Thinking & Creativity

Encouraging Self-Reflection

Improving Communication Skills

Embracing Uncertainty

In addition to individualized guidance, every student receives a comprehensive curriculum of guides, worksheets, and exercises to help complete each portion of the application process. Starting as early as 8th grade, Sawyer mentors students through the entire college application process, including:

College List Building 

Essay Development

Financial Aid/Scholarship Research

Academic Advising

Professional Development

Extracurricular Guidance

Gap Year Planning

Sawyer works best with domestic and international families who are interested in liberal arts colleges, the University of California system, and understand that academic, professional, and personal growth are just as important as the college acceptance letter.

Earlier in his career, Sawyer worked in enrollment for a liberal arts college which helps him understand the college’s perspectives on the application process.  A member of College Consultants of Colorado and an Associate Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), Sawyer also serves on the Verto Education Advisory Board. 

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