Dr. Terrie Shipley is a former university admissions counselor and has 12 years of experience as an education planner. She specializes in career coaching and student life design, the foundations for her comprehensive college admissions program. As such, Dr. Shipley cares more about fit and eventual campus engagement than prestige. 

She has helped more than 200 students gain admission to more than 125 colleges and universities ranging the entire scope of type, program specialities, and selectivity. Dr. Shipley is a member of NCDA (career development), HECA (education planning) and GPACAC (admissions counseling). This is to say, she adheres to the highest standards in the profession.  

Above all, as a former professor and teen development program director, she cares about cultivating relationships with students which highlight their unique qualities: who they are and what they want out of life. (College and career are vehicles for that, not the destination.) 

Dr. Shipley is based in Oklahoma and offers a free phone or virtual consultation to discuss her economical consulting packages. She looks forward to hearing from you! 

Don’t just apply to college; see how that college applies to you.

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