J2Guides is a professional gap year consulting service that puts students at the center of the gap year planning process. Jane and Jason Sarouhan are the J2 behind J2Guides, and have been leaders in the field of experiential education for 25 years. They are nationally accredited Gap Year Association Consultants and keynote speakers at the USA Gap Year Fairs. Jane and Jason travel the country and the world to vet quality gap year opportunities, advise new programs on best practices, create experiential education curriculum and risk management workshops, and address media, conferences, and schools nationwide.
Empowerment, expertise and affordability are central to the J2Guides’ counseling approach. Jane and Jason work closely with every family to curate an effective process with targeted, vetted programs that will best meet the needs, interests, goals and budget of each courageous gap year student. From ambitious, high-achieving, college-bound students to non-traditional learners and students struggling with confidence or mental health, there is truly a gap year for everyone. For 25 years J2’s aim as educators has been to help every young adult make informed and empowered decisions about their next best steps, and COVID-19 has only strengthened their commitment to supporting you and your young adult.

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