My coaching style is to empower and guide students through the admissions labyrinth with a focus on the whole student. When my students reflect back on their admissions process, they realize that they have accomplished seemingly insurmountable tasks.  My specific expertise is a wholistic approach which includes fostering advocacy skills, study skills, and executive functioning skills. Our work together includes: strategic school research, personal statement crafting, and test prepping.  The goal of my approach is to ensure that students not only complete the college admissions process, but also develop lifelong skills that will serve them well in finishing up senior year, and in making a successful transition to college.  While my focus is to work directly with the applicant, I also develop a relationship with parents, giving them the confidence that all aspects of the process are being systematically addressed.

I have over 10 years of classroom teaching experience, a BA in Child Development and a MA in Curriculum Development and am a proud member of The Atlanta College Access group.

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