College OpenSource FAQs

Does membership cost anything?  Do I need to pay to contact a consultant?


Both are free.  You can reach out to a consultant for an introductory conversation without being charged.  You should be notified if you are starting to use a paid service and are being charged.


Do I need to register for my membership with my real name?


You can use your real name or a created user name, whichever makes you more comfortable.  Emails send to consultants will be originated from your e-mail software, but those emails are private communications between you and the consultant.


How much do consultants charge?


There is no set rate.  Please ask the consultant for rates and types of service.


What are the rules for consulting behavior?


Consultants have agreed to abide by the Independent Educational Consultants Association Principles of Good Practice.  The IECA is a leading professional organization with an excellent reputation for industry standard setting.


Am I permitted to use a consultant working in another state or to contact two or more consultants with questions?


Yes to both questions. 


Do you sell our email addresses to colleges?


No, College OpenSource does not sell its mailing lists to colleges.


Are estimates of net college costs binding?


No, these cost estimates represent forecasts of averages and are not binding on the colleges or on College OpenSource. College financial aid offers are complex and are subject to many factors, so financial estimates should be used as approximate numbers to help guide you in advance of accepting an admissions offer.  If you believe a number is materially incorrect, we encourage you contact us at  We take pride in the accuracy of our numbers and will work with you to resolve the issue.


How do I contact College OpenSource with a question, request for service or a complaint?


Please feel free to reach out at .