Give3600: connecting people and nonprofits

We wanted to bring to your attention a great organization, Give3600, that connects people with nonprofits to work together and help reach the organization’s mission or objective. Give3600 collaborates with US charities and high school students from across the country as well as some international students.

At Give3600, our mission is straightforward: we connect people and nonprofits. Our College Application Spotlight is a carefully tailored program for those high school students that need community service hours to graduate. We start with a brief interview, schedule meetings with the appropriate nonprofits, and monitor the entire process. After connecting with the right organization, each student completes their service hours while creating a story worth telling on their college application.

A few, real-world examples are listed below. Some of our Give3600 student clients are:

· Updating social media channels for a music-based nonprofit

· Creating cooking videos for a woman’s shelter

· Partnering with a STEM group to create “Day in the Life” posts

· Researching grant opportunities for a women’s veterans group

There are 3,600 seconds in one hour. Can the high school students you work with Give3600?

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