New CSS Profile “Lite” Planned

About 300 colleges, mostly highly selective ones, use the College Board’s CSS Profile in their admissions and financial aid process. The upcoming simplification of the FAFSA filing has led the College Board to plan and begin developing a sort of halfway house between the simplified FAFSA filing, required to receive any federal and institutional grants and loans, and the CSS Profile, a more detailled and invasive filing required by a subset of colleges.

From the linked article:

The College Board says that it’s working with colleges on shorter, simpler version of the application. In an email to officials at colleges using the CSS Profile on Tuesday, David C. Meade Jr., the College Board’s vice president for financial-aid programs and services, said a less-detailed version of the application would be a “middle ground,” giving colleges more information than the FAFSA provides, but less than what the current version of the CSS Profile does. The College Board said the new version would be available as early as fall 2022.

The College Board has also made the CSS Profile free for students with family income <$100k.

Read more here (paywalled).

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