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know the true cost of college

Modern college pricing is highly complex.  Each year, colleges send out millions of customized prices, each one tailored for an individual student.  These offers are calculated using intensive data collection across a web of firms supporting higher education.   Dollar figures appearing in the media make things even more confusing, because none of them are accurate.  Full stated tuition (or cost of attendance) is charged to relatively few students.  Net price calculators on college sites are rife with inaccuracies and many have not been updated for years.  And the Net Price information appearing in places like Google is years out of date and omit 40% of students from the calculation (mostly the ones that pay the most).   How are students and their families expected to save the right amount for college and financially plan for retirement with this system?


CTAS and TuitionFit have developed two related but distinct approaches that reduce the uncertainty and allow you to have a  decent idea of what the final price tag will be.  


Parents - access this information early.   You do not want your child to apply, get their hopes up and get into their dream college, only to tell them at the last minute that you can't afford it.  And don't get into a situation where your retirement savings are decimated by hefty tuition bills.  Get ahead of this now. 


Innovative college cost forecasting and analytics which go beyond confusing financial aid jargon to present real net costs as they are in commercial transactions outside of higher education.  


Instantly-understood estimates of how much a typical student will pay for college, both in the upcoming year and over their full career, based on their family income.  


Easily make direct comparisons of college commitments, allow for financial planning and pave the way for a successful college career and professional future.    

CTAS (College Tuition Advisory Services) uses an extensive historical database covering 3,000 colleges to extrapolate future prices based on proprietary modelling and updates its forecast continuously as new higher ed and economic data arrives.  


Real College Pricing Information Gives You Power


TuitionFit gives college-bound students, families and college search counselors the pricing information they need to make the most informed decisions possible. We make it possible for more students to go to college, pay for college, and begin adult life without the burden of excess student loan debt.


We Pull Back the Curtain on College Pricing


“Don’t colleges list tuition prices online?” They do, but here’s the thing – in today’s recruitment climate, colleges advertise high prices to create the perception of higher value. Guess what they don’t tell you? Only 1 in 10 freshmen pays that advertised price. Underneath that inflated sticker price sits millions of dollars in merit scholarships and grants that colleges offer to almost every student that they accept.


When it comes time to seal the deal with prospective students, colleges offer all kinds of unpredictable discounts and custom pricing. Did you know that on average, actual college prices land at about 53% off the advertised price? With tactics like this in play, you could easily waste your time applying to schools you can’t afford, or you might miss out on great schools you weren’t aware of.